About the Caltech Science for March tradition:

"Caltech Science for March" is an annual outreach event on campus. Scientists from all divisions present outreach booths and TED-style talks. This event is one of our ways to share our love for science and give to the local community. 

The event is sponsored and organized by the Caltech Postdoc Association (CPA) and the Graduate Student Council (GSC) along with Theater Arts at Caltech (TACIT) and Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach (CTLO).  The event is greatly supported by the Caltech community as a whole. 

The first Science for March outreach event at Caltech was initiated by Caltech Postdocs and organized in 2018 

2018 team

The second Science for March event at Caltech was organized in 2019 

Caltech Science for March 2019 TED-style talks 

Caltech Science for March 2019 outreach booths pictures 

2019 team